Hi Heat massage cream

Hi Heat massage cream

Highly effective formula to ensure fast relief of pains & aches of muscles & joints and pain associated with arthritis







·        Hi-Heat cream is highly effective formula in an easy to use form, when applied topically it ensures fast relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, backaches, morning stiffness, muscle strains & sprains.

·        Hi-Heat cream is fast acting, greaseless & easy to apply.

·        Hi-Heat cream contains no alcohol thus providing dry skin conditions when applied.


Topical cream for fast relief of:

·        Muscular rheumatic pains

·        Musculoskeletal pains

·        Inflamations

In the following conditions:

Arthritis                               Torticollis                            Osteoarthritis

Low back pain                     Tendinitis                            Strain, sprains

Contusions                          Bruises                                 Traumatic pain

As massage cream for sportsmen after competition, sports injuries.


Apply Hi-Heat cream for the attached area 3-4 times daily.


Hi-Heat cream shouldn't be placed in nostrils contacted with eye or applied to wounds or damaged skin.

Available in:

Tube of 30-50 gm.

For more information please Download HI-HEAT's Brochure

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