Royal Comb cream

Royal Comb cream

Excellent Multi-Purpose cream & completely natural Antibiotic Cream for wounds & burns with high effect on psoriasis & nipple fissure



Each 30gm contains:


Royal Jelly.………1%




·        Royal Comb is excellent multi-purpose completely natural antibiotic cream

·        Royal Comb contains propolis which widely known for its antibiotic effect, It possesses disinfectant properties, protects the skin from harmful bacteria that may cause infection, also patients with NIPPLE FISSURE & PSORAISIS have been cured with 98% without any complications as it is natural.

·        Royal Comb contains honey with its skin enhancing properties. Honey supports the skins' own cell renewal process, and contains natural antioxidants that protect against damaging free radicals. In addition, honey assists in the formation of stronger collagen; the skin essential protein responsible for its elasticity.

·        Royal Comb with royal jelly helps maintain the skin's ideal moisture level while protecting against environmental factors. It also gives its healing & revitalizing benefits; improve the appearance by firming & minimizing fine lines, guarding against dryness & providing an ideal skin tone. It is 24 hour skin softener & moisturizer.

·        Royal Comb is 100% safe because it's all natural without any reported side effects.  


·        Nipple Fissures

·        Psoriasis

·        Healing of wounds, burns & skin ulcers

·        Repair dry, cracked & damaged skin

·        Moisturize & soften

·        Reduce flaking, roughness & redness of skin


Massage liberal amount of Royal Comb cream onto the affected areas until completely absorbed.

Apply twice daily.



Available in:

Tube of 30 gm.

For more information please Download ROYAL COMB's Brochure

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